Well with water pump

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Well with water pump

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Der Brunnen ist durch einen Bach mit einem Teich verbunden.

Here a little instruction: first you build the pond, as big and deep as you want, connect the pond with the stream. Then you need the well, you dig a hole for it. Which must be connected to the stream. I recommend to end the well one block above the ground. Now fill your water into the pond, if it is not distributed also into the brook and the well. The only thing missing is the fence scaffold to get the water out. Just build a fence up to one block below the waterline, then build a fence upwards and then a fence to the side. Now water lily leaves can still be found on the brook and pond. It just doesn’t work, but it’s still a nice decoration.


  1. Mann koennte doch auch eine "neuversion" machen indem man nen Hebel am Brunnen selber befestigt und dann z.B. nen Kolben betätigt wird so das es klingt als ob man PUMPEN würde 😉