Practical bedroom

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Practical bedroom

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Ein schönes Schlafzimmer, das dazu noch voll funktionsfähig ist.

Both the wardrobe and the bedside table can be filled. By cleverly using the stepped floor, the chest is also completely darkened and no longer looks conspicuous.
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The highlight is the bed. It is, so to speak, a larger, more appealing version of the Minecraft bed. After removal of 2 carpets, the usable real bed reveals itself. If the player lies inside, it looks from the outside as if he is lying in the big bed.


The room can be extended by decoration, such as plants, pictures, or a fireplace. The lighting is electric and can be varied between night light and complete lighting. But this is optional and easy to build.



  1. Komplex ist die nicht. Ein Schalter neben dem Bett für das Nachtlicht (Die Redstonelampe mit dem rahmen) und einer am Eingang für die komplette Beleuchtung. (Dafür sind in der Decke Glasblöcke und darüber redstonelampen.)

    das war’s auch schon.