Medieval town hall and town hall

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Medieval town hall and town hall

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Dieses mittelalterliche Rat- und Bürgerhaus beinhaltet einen Gerichtssaal, einen Ratssaal, die Gemächer des Bürgermeisters sowie mehrere Zellen für Verbrecher.

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The house from the outside. The idea for the pillory comes from InteriorETC and can be found here.

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On the ground floor are the cells for criminals. There is also a table and seats for the guards.

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On the first floor there is a courtroom with many seats for citizens, spectators and jurors. The judge and his assistants have their own table.

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In an adjoining room the judge has his own study.

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The Ratsaal is on the second floor. There the mayor meets with important personalities to talk about the city.

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The mayor has his chambers on the 2nd floor and in the attic. There is a living and working area, a bedroom and a gallery with a view of the council hall.

As a particularly high-ranking citizen, the Mayor still a very special luxury, because he has his toilet directly in his chambers.
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In the Middle Ages things didn’t look so good with the sewage system, so we added a view of the “Plumsklos” from the outside.