High Council

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High Council

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Für Minecraftwelten, die der Monarchie abgeschworen haben.

This audience hall is for anyone who has had enough of being loyal to only one ruler forever and prefers to entrust himself to the expert opinion of several.

It consists of much dark (black oak) wood, stone bricks, red carpet and bookshelves. The High Council is guarded by 6 warriors with swords and iron armor and of course some banners are not allowed to felts.

To the left and right of the hall, a gallery on the upper floor leads back to the 3 chairs. In the niches lined with red wool there are some iron armour for decoration.

Between the pedestal, from which one can talk to the High Council, there is a water basin to protect it. The chairs are oak steps, signs, oak doors and banners on the doors.

The hall from the point of view of the High Council.

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  1. Hätte noch einen kleinen Verbesserungsvorschlag:

    Ich würde ein paar Steinziegel gegen Rissige Steinziegel ersetzen, würde dann mehr zum Mittelalter passen. Am Wasser würden Bemooste Steinziegel, in unregelmäßigen Abständen ganz gut passen.

  2. /summon ArmorStand ~ ~ ~ {Rotation:[90f,0f], ShowArms:1, NoBasePlate:1}
    Für das erste f bei der Rotation 0, 90, 180 oder 270 einsetzen, je nachem in welche Himmelsrichtung der Rüstungsständer schauen soll.