Hidden shipbuilding site behind the waterfall

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Hidden shipbuilding site behind the waterfall

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Hier miene erste Bauidee! Es handelt sich um einenSchiffbauplatz im Berg, der hinter einem Wasserfall versteckt ist.

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Here the exterior view!
Behind this waterfall hides the shipbuilding site. To the right of the waterfall is a small platform where a lever is mounted to switch the light on and off so that the space remains hidden. 😀
The light is emitted by Redstone lamps and extends over the entire area including the ship.


Starting from the entrance, on the left wall there is a small forge where metal can be processed and a workbench.


A bit further on there is a construction crane to transport large building materials to the ship.
I put a Redstone lamp under the construction crane so that it looks more beautiful and is illuminated even more. To the right next to the construction crane you can see the Baufällife ship. 🙂

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At the end of the left side of the wall there is a staircase that will lead to a mine soon. Perhaps I will then introduce a rail system that leads from the mine to the shipbuilding site.


On the opposite side of the wall there is a scaffold to have more space to work and also serves as material storage. Redstone lamps are also everywhere appropriate here!


Finally the interior of the ship, where there are sleeping places and a small camp. Here again some Redstone lamps are installed to illuminate the interior.

I used to do all this with the fantasy texture pack. Here again all pictures with the Tecktupacket, so that you know also how it looks normally with. Here you can also see how the square looks from the outside, with and without lighting. The entire lighting is controlled by this one lever, by the way.
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I hope you like the idea I am very curious about your opinion 🙂
I would be very grateful for any suggestions for improvement.