Flashing Disco ceiling lighting

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Flashing Disco ceiling lighting

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Hier mal ein Alternatives Licht das sich wirr bewegt für eure Disco.

The basis is a ceiling made of Redstone lamps. This is what
Track systems with one lorry each. All the more track systems on the Redstone
Lamps are all the more “confused” is the movement of light, especially if
all track systems are of different lengths.


The track systems are equipped with detectors which then
to make this even more effective, you have to use Redstone.
amplifiers slow down the signal and best convert it into various
Directions to forward.

The whole thing is simply started and stopped by a lever, so it is important to
that the “starter” acceleration rails are pointing downhill, stop here, and
the lorries start again from the beginning.

Important also (at least with PE, other versions I don’t know how to react): Before finishing the game switch off the light when the chunk is loaded, otherwise it can happen that when restarting one or more lorries do not drive anymore and cannot be started by lever!

Who does not get the whole thing in such a way can announce itself gladly then I help gladly further 😉


  1. Kennt jemand ähnliche  Minecraft-Seiten wo man seine  Ideen hochladen kann? Hier wird ja fast jeder mist ohne Anleitung  und alles freigeschaltet, ordentlich  gestaltete Anleitungen  jnd sowas aber nicht, da hab ich keine Lust  mehr mir immer die Arbeit zu machen….