City Gate Middle Ages 1

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City Gate Middle Ages 1

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Hier zeige ich euch nochmal etwas ausführlicher mein Stadt im Mittelalter look. Wie Ihr sehen könnt besteht es aus Materialien die fast jeder zu hande hat wie Stein und Holz (jegliche Art). Ich hoff euch gefällt das gebäude es ist eins von vielen von mir das bestaunen könnt.


Here is another picture from the front view for you.

Here you get to see what it would look like if you went from a street.

Of course, a city gate also includes a city wall as it can be seen here and how it could be connected.

With the picture I wanted to show you how big it is actually compared to the people I hope I have succeeded well.

If one would go through the gate and look up one would see as here well to see that also there was paid attention to beauty.

So that you know how the two towers are built in their oval look I have made you a picture of this.

With that I would also now already end I hope it is fun for you to watch my architecture made.
I know I’m not the ass when it comes to spelling so I want to apologize for that.
If you have any questions please contact me directly or write them down here.

Sincerely yours,