Building secret doors without Mod

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Building secret doors without Mod

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Mit dieser geheimen Türe kannst du dein Haus leicht sichern, auch wenn du nur wenig Ressourcen und keine Mod hast.

Du brauchst nur:

2 Haftende Kolben

Ein paar mal redstone

1 Hebel oder Schalter

When you have collected everything you need you can start.

1. the right place

The right place is in a mountain, otherwise the door is too easily recognizable.

For this you should mine some stone in the mountain, so that you have enough space.

2. attach the plunger and the Redstone

Now it’s the turn of the mechanism.

put the pistons down and connect them to redstone.

Then connect it to a switch with which you want to open the door later, hide it well.

Three. Extensions.

Now the mechanism is ready.

Now all you have to do is camouflage everything so other players don’t find the place.

You have to leave the way to the 2 blocks in front of the pistons free, but build the blocks in front of the pistons.

Before that:


If something doesn’t work, it could be that you used normal pistons instead of adhesive pistons.

Even if that’s not the case, just comment.

Have fun and success ?

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